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About the Owner and Dietitian
Amanda Q. Perrin, RDN, LDN
Amanda is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  She has studied nutrition since the turn of the century and opened her private practice in the oldest city -- St. Augustine, Florida -- in 2011.  Trained in both allopathic and naturopathic nutrition therapy, she addresses whole body wellness with good nutrition as the cornerstone. 

She has experience teaching nutrition education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds; and has worked on individual and joint projects throughout the United States and abroad.  Active in the public health arena for several years, she focused on maternal, infant and child care, and has recently expanded feminine-based care to include peri-menopause and menopausal years.  Most recently, she has combined forces with Menopause Self Care in the UK -- a program designed to help women make educated choices about their own health care.
Amanda fosters a friendly, casual counseling atmosphere and an attentive approach to address the needs of her clients and their goals.   She is proud to be trained to navigate through the nutritional maze for her clients and deliver trustworthy, reliable, evidence-based information.  She truly understands the power nature's bounty and good nutrition have on life-long health.   

Read what other clients had to say about their experience:

"Even though I thought I ate right and exercised on a regular basis (in a gym even!), I kept gaining weight.  After my first session with Amanda, we were able to hone in on what it was I was doing that was contributing to this problem.  After only my third session, I was well on my way to taking charge of my weight AND my diet!     ~S.T.

"The grocery store tour was much better than I expected.  My oldest child joined us on the tour and ever since has been the 'food shopper' for the household.  For both of us actually seeing what foods to pick out and which foods to avoid really stuck.  I've never shopped the same since."     ~D.A.

"I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and after only 6 sessions with Amanda in a three month period, my doctor told me my blood sugar was so improved he wasn't 'threatening' me with insulin shots anymore!"     ~V.R.

"I came to see Amanda after years of struggling with my weight.  I didn't have problems losing.  I couldn't keep a pound on.  Working with Amanda helped me discover things about my eating habits I had no idea were there!  After six months, I not only managed to gain weight, I've kept it on!  Learning how to eat right literally saved my life.  Thank you, Amanda!"     ~ H.B.

"I have had diabetes for 20 years and have been on insulin for just as long.  Even though my insurance wouldn't cover it, Amanda was the first person who actually sat down with me and told me exactly what was going on and what I should be eating to help better control my blood sugar.  It wasn't easy, but after three months I feel better than I have for as long as I can remember. My blood sugar is now under control and my A1c is better than my doctor has ever seen it."     ~B.L. 

"The dietary analysis report really worked for me.  I'm a visual learner, so once I saw what I was eating on paper I could form an action plan on where to start going from where I'd gone wrong."     ~E.L.

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